With proven experience in both private development and public sectors, LEA utilizes a whole-systems approach to creating sustainable development. Our approach to creating realistic and implementable sustainable design and engineering solutions is based on the fact that the cost of maintenance and operation are inherently reduced when resources are used more efficiently. Sustainable design and infrastructure results in:

  • More Compact Development, Less Sprawl
  • Lower CO2 Emissions, Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Mobility, Less Auto-dependence
  • Increased Tenancy Rates/ Healthier Lifestyle
  • Higher Economic Productivity for the Community

We work with our clients to create tailored mitigation strategies for building, transportation, waste, water, green infrastructure, land use, and other sectors reflecting local context as well as economic, political and technical feasibility to create solutions that offer the greatest cost-benefit ratio for their project. Services include:

  • Sustainability and Climate Action Plans
  • Energy Efficiency Plans
  • Low-Impact Landscapes
  • Green Development Certifications
  • Low-Impact Development Infrastructure Solutions
  • Sustainable Design Guidelines
  • Sustainable Code
  • Building and Construction Guidelines for Methods and Materials