Littlejohn has managed the infrastructure planning, surveying, engineering and site development of well over 3,000 projects over a wide range of conditions throughout the United States. We provide planning and project management for a variety of engineering, public sector, and infrastructure projects including roadway, streetscape, drainage, water, sewer and complex storm water management systems and hydrologic and hydraulic engineering services.

We are particularly experienced in the overall management of projects involving multiple disciplines and tasks and public presentations of technical information. We offer engineering design and planning services for all phases of site development, infrastructure and site design from conception to construction. Services include:

  • Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • Grading & Drainage Design
  • Earthwork Quantitative Analysis
  • Stormwater Detention & Retention
  • Water & Sewer System Design
  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies
  • Sewage Collection & Pumping Facilities
  • Water & Wastewater Quality Design & Treatment
  • Stormwater Quality, BMP Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • ADA Remediation