Economic Development & Redevelopment

Economic Development

Times are changing… Are you ready for the future?

Are you ahead of the curve and heading toward recovery from the recession? Focusing on marketing efforts and initiatives presents a real challenge for many communities. The jurisdictions that are best situated to make it through this downturn have focused their efforts on economic development initiatives. Designing creative economic development initiatives is just one of Littlejohn’s specialties. Services include:

  • Branding, Visioning and Theming
  • Finding of Necessity Reports
  • Economic Action Plans
  • Jobs Growth Incentive Programs/Job Recruitment
  • Opportunity Site Brochures
  • Business Retention & Recruitment Marketing Materials
  • Website Design
  • Developers RFPs / Agreement Negotiation
  • Creating Public/Private Partnerships
  • Negotiating/Writing Developer Agreements
  • Securing Entitlements for Sites
  • Functioning as Economic Development Director


Improving our quality of life…One block at a time.

Littlejohn is committed to helping jurisdictions create jobs, expand the tax base, and improve the vitality of businesses and neighborhoods. We assist jurisdictions with assembling, preparing and conveying sites for major mixed-use developments, and by providing a portfolio of programs that can assist with business location, relocation, and expansion, as well as construction and rehabilitation.