• Meridian
  • Poplar Bluff Replacement Hospital
  • Community & Municipal Planning
  • The Gulch
  • Lake Providence
  • Rolling Mill Hill
  • Health & Safety/ Industrial Hygiene
  • Phoenix Children's Hospital
  • Oviedo Economic Development
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • TDEC, TVA Johnsonville Fossil Plant
  • Construction Management & CEI
  • Venue at Cool Springs
  • Sewer Asset Inspection
  • Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
  • Water Quality Treatment
  • Berry Farms
  • Camp Lejeune


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Traditional Neighborhood Development Moves To The Suburbs


  • This Ain’t your Father’s Modular Construction

    This Ain’t your Father’s Modular ConstructionWhat is modular construction?   Websters defines modular as “employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction”.   When you say modular construction, a lot of people still…

  • Urban Form: What it is and Why it Matters

    Urban Form: What it is and Why it MattersUrban Form -- where do rural, suburban and fringe stop and become urban? What makes a place or space urban? Is there good or bad urban form? Is urban form the design, the type of use, the relationship…

  • PVC vs Ductile Iron Pipe

    PVC vs Ductile Iron PipeThe American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has recently started putting out “Report Cards” on America’s infrastructure and most recently in 2013 rated the potable water systems of the nation as a “D”…